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Hack Content Marketing: How to Write Blogs | Social Buzz Pros

Content marketing hacks are the ways to use our content for explosive growth. It’s a marketing mindset and toolkit that’s been embraced by startups in growth rather than just acquiring customers. Content hackers who have one part of growth hackers, one part of content marketers always focus 100% on SEO, also known as data-driven marketers. They concentrate on how content fits particular audiences.

Do you want to make your blog the hub of your content hacking plan? There are several tactics we can look to for inspiration to spice things up without even breaking the law!

Reusing Posts from Facebook

Content is needed everywhere, but it is difficult to continually create. Re-purposing your content across social media platforms is a new form of content marketing. You can boost your social media engagement across platforms simply by reusing your original content.

Therefore, you can use Facebook to its fullest by republishing older Facebook posts on your blog. Let's scroll through your Facebook timeline, find those posts that received lots of interaction, put it in a new package and serve them up again. Besides that, it also helps to duplicate content for the best results in Search Engine Optimization.

Learning from Your Competitors

As you seek out and visit your competitors' blogs, you can figure out how well they are blogging, and get inspiration from their blog content. You can also pick up some tips about the topics they're covering in their blogs and investigate how well they’re reaching out to catch attention.

It doesn't mean copying, plagiarizing, or stealing ideas since you are simply gaining the competitive advantage by learning what works best with your competitors' blogs and producing much better content in your own way.

Staying Up-To-Date on Trends

Are you looking for blog post ideas that encourage people to share? Reading the news is an excellent way to find shareable content. The news is the important inspirational source for writers. Moreover, reading the news will help you keep on top of constant updates, stories, and trends in your industry.

So let's do your research to find content for your blog. By finding quality articles to read regarding the things that are influential in your field, you are able to grow in your knowledge of the industry and, therefore, produce relevant and informative content.

Social Buzz Pros Best Practices

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